Why Reduce Acidity?

pHAM co-founder Aaron Stansell discusses the need for an acid reducing coffee filter

Coffee is cited as a leading cause of painful heartburn for people with acid reflux. In some cases, people are advised to avoid coffee entirely. With pHAM filters, this no longer has to be the case!   

Even if you don't experience acid reflux, pHAM has something to offer every coffee drinker! The acidity in coffee actively degrades the enamel of your teeth, leading to increased staining and sensitivity. If you brew your coffee with a pHAM filter, your teeth (and dentist) will thank you.     

Meet the pHAM!

We are a group of Georgia Tech graduates who studied Material Science and Engineering. As college students, coffee was the fuel that got us up in the morning and kept us going throughout the day. As much as we loved coffee, we didn't love the oral and gastrointestinal problems that drinking coffee can lead to. We realized there are millions of others who feel the same way, so we set out to change the way people enjoy coffee. 

            Aaron, Michele, Tyler, and Luke (from left to right)

Join the pHAM

Our acid reducing filters (pictured) are coming soon. 

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